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Album: Gusano Mecanico (BOL 1974)
LP+ 7"EP / Cat. No. RFR-026 (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve / poster / ltd. edition)

For sure this is one of the obscurest and most excessive South American heavy-progressive rock albums of the early 70´s. The Bolivian power-trio released "Gusano Mecánico" on Discolandia label in 1974. Inspiration for their music is based on the British Rock invasion, on groups like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd and Emerson Lake & Palmer, but also on American heavy guitar sound like Hendrix or Blue Cheer. This concept album contains 6 songs which are long compositions with extended instrumental parts - of the sound is extremely energetic with various of dynamic changes, you hear creative heavy guitar riffs & psychedelic solos, fast and furious drums (double bass) and complicated basslines. The south American wildness and the excellent musicianship make this album to an unique psychedelic masterpiece with various of interesting influences. This reissue is a mastertape release (excellent sound), presented with the original cover-artwork. As bonus, a 4 track 7” EP with picture sleeve (English lyrics), recorded in 1969/70. Highly recommended – originals in good condition are nearly impossible to find!

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