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Album: Phoenix (US 1976)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1008

In 1974 his producer said: “Daniel plays the cello like Jimi Hendrix the guitar!“ This Russian rooted Californian is for sure the wildest rock cellist of the 70´s. The history from this record goes back to 1971 when Daniel started to write the music. Classically trained he began to play instruments at age of 5 and toured a lot as a professional musician. The recordings of his 10 original cuts started in 1976, to be released in 1979 as very limited demo release to apply for a record deal (which not happened).

The music ranges from poetic dramatic “chanson-like” ballads to powerful Rock´n´Roll with awesome guitar assaults, incredibly heavy cello-sounds and Daniel´s outstanding voice. This CD is from the mastertapes and comes with 2 bonus tracks, artist´s bio – definitely a very unique piece, recommended for Darius fans!

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