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Danny Ben-Israel

Album: Bullshit 3.1/4 (ISR 1968-70)
LP / Cat. No. RFR-016 (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve / poster / ltd. edition)

By 1969 Danny Ben Israel recorded a Psychedelic MASTERPIECE of an album"Bullshit 3.1/4". This revolutionary ground breaking album is largely unknown, however the few people who know this GEM consider it to be one of the greatest Psych albums of all times and original vinyl copies of this album change hands for hundreds of dollars. The uniqueness of this album lies not only in its music - also the weird and obscure pornographic foldoutcover artwork and the sometimes very trippy lyrics deal with the Israeli society and its hypocrisy, the fake emptiness of the Bohemian way of life, drugs, escapism and freaks. The most obvious theme reflected in his lyrics is the wish for freedom of all kinds (freedom of thought, freedom of expression and so on). The music itself mixes psych and avant-garde, full of fuzzed out and distorted guitars, studio effects, tape loops, tone generators etc. Ben-Israel sings, a scream, murmurs, whispers and moans throughout all of the tracks. His vocals are often doubled and used as an instrument like Tim Buckley, Alan, Sorrenti, Robert Wyatt and Peter Hammill, but in a totally twisted manner. The whole album (backed by the band :"Electric Stage") sounds like a big LSD acid trip, sometimes very spacey and very heavy almost industrial. Also raga-based compo-sitions remind of some early Daevid Allen stuff with Gong on his Banana Moon album. Danny Ben Israel is a kind of weird "Jimi Hendrix" and collectors who have our Modulo 1000 album will be expressed by this 180g vinyl reissue coming with original gatefold cover artwork and from the original mastertapes - Strictly limited to 500 copies!

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