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Estes Brothers

Album: Transitions (US 1971)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1013

This US heavy masterpiece was recorded in Ohio, in 1971. Original vinyls are nearly impossible to find (only 100 were pressed). A limited LP-reissue was made by Rockadelic Records in the late 90s. The music is outstanding gutsy blues hardrock, a combination of the late sixties stoned/lysergic S.F. blend with long guitar jams a la Quicksilver and straight British hardrock. The 6 album tunes contain lots of unexpected atmospheric moments. This CD-reissue contains 8 bonus tracks, the 45 rpm tune “Tomorrow´s Sunlight”, home and live recordings, a cool 8 p. booklet, original cover artwork and a couple of nice photos! One of the best private US psychedelic hardrock albums of the early 70´s.

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