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Glenn Faria

Album: Glenn Faria (US1964-70)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1007

Reissue only on CD-format. This electric singer/songwriter gem was issued as a promo in 1974 on "Tiger Lily" label well known for their legendary release of NYC-band "Stonewall". Only a few copies are known in collectors hands. Glenn is a very sensitive singer with a warm and honest blues/folk feeling - when he starts playing his electric guitar backing his mind-creeping voice he reaches the highest level in “passion and love to music”. In songs like “Love is Calling” he leads you to unexpected psych-folk heaven. The album with 8 original cuts was recorded in New York during 1970 after his departure from the psychedelic band "Headstone Circus” recently released by Shadoks on LP. Contains a bio & 7 bonus tracks Limited edition of 1.000 copies!

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