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Album: Glue(PER 1970)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1022 (heavy cardboard digipack / ltd. edition)
LP+ 7"EP / Cat. No. RFR-022 (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard sleeve / poster / ltd. edition)

The core of Laghonia is a combination of Peruvian and US members, Saul Cornejo Vocals, Guitar, Manuel Cornejo on Drums, and David Levene on Lead Guitar and Vocals. All eight album tunes were released on 45´s under the group name New Juggler Sound. When the band changed name into Laghonia in 1970 the Glue album came out. The music is catchy psychedelic Rock´n´Roll stuff, with lyrics in English, intense fuzz-wah-wah Guitars, Hammond B-2 organ and massive, variative percussion sounds.

The songwriting is Beatles/Yardbirds-influenced and the music goes into Santana, Cream, Hendrix and other different directions. Comes with 4 bonus tracks with the original artwork by M. Cornejo.

Both Laghonia albums, "Glue" and "EtCetera" belong to most legendary and best South American psychedelic collector albums, besides "La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata", "Modulo 1000", "Traffic Sound”, definitely a must for sixties garage and psychedelic rock freaks.

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Album: Etcetera (PER 1971)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1027 (heavy cardboard digipack / ltd. edition)
LP+ 7"EP / Cat. No. RFR-024 (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy gatefold cardboard sleeve / insert / ltd. edition)

This is the second World In Sound reissue of Laghonia, the "EtCetera" album originally released in 1971, one of South Americas greatest! The band improved their songwriting, which got more complex compared to the Glue album, reminds sometimes of early Jethro Tull, King Crimson music, sometimes progressive, sometimes folky or esotheric, but always intense and catchy, English lyrics, excellent fuzz and wah-wah guitars, magic Hammond B-2 organ and a variaty of rhythms.

It comes with outstanding original artwork, a psychedelic painting by M. Cornejo, in a gatefold cover, 4 bounstracks (on LP with an extra 7" 4 track EP with 2 never released songs).

Both Laghonia albums are a must for Sixties and Seventies Psychedelic-Progressive Rock freaks.

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