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Michael James

Album: Runaway World
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1034
LP/ Cat. No. RFR-029 (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard sleeve / insert / ltd. edition)

This album is a great artifact for all 60s and 70s music collectors, original copies in good condition change hands for about 500 US$. The spirit of the music is a tasty combination between aggressive fuzz-garage-hard rock and atmospheric psych-folk with moody vocals and a poetic message, comparable to World In Sound´s legendary “Phantasia” (WIS-1015) or "Dr. Hooker”. In between perfectly arranged songs like ”You Don´t Walk On M y Street”, “I Remember” and the psych-trip “Sleepers”, you´ll hear weird spoken word themes as Guatamalan Strange, Electronic Silver and heavy-riff instrumentals.

The album “Runaway World” was recorded and produced extremely well. This reissue is produced from the original analog master tapes. CD version contains a 12 p. booklet and 5 bonustracks, almost 70 mins. playing time. This was the debut release by Michael James, who´s still active in the music business with his own label, Empath Records, and the groups Children of the Risk, Michael Yonkers and Mounting Santa feat. Dr. Fink of Prince´s Revolution, which are 4 bonustracks.

So, look forward to this great album by “a unique rock artist like none you've heard!”

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