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Mystic Siva

Album: Mystic Siva(US 1970)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1002 (heavy cardboard digipack /  ltd. edition)
LP / Cat. No. RFR-002 (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve / insert)

The legendary quartet from Motown, home of the Stooges, SRC and MC 5 created one of the most wanted artifacts for psychedelic garage rock collectors – original albums of the orange masterpiece change hands for more than 2,000 US$. The "Teenage Sivas" were around 17, when their privately produced album came out in 1970. It presents 10 excellent original and intense tunes –an own unique sound, with mind blowing fuzz-wahwah guitars, hard-driven Hammond B3 and Doors influenced satanic vocals. The track “Supernatural Mind” was selected by the German Rolling Stone for their cd-compilation “Eight Miles High” (Rare Tracks No. 32). The original artwork was used and is presented in a luxury triple fold cardboard package. Includes a biography! – One of the “must have” 60´s/70´s psychedelic underground masterpieces!

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Album: Under The Influence(US 1969-70)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1017 (heavy cardboard digipack / ltd. edition)
LP / Cat. No. RFR-017 (180 g coloured vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve / poster / 500 copies ltd. edition)

With this release World In Sound presents previously unreleased recordings of Mystic Siva the legendary garage-psych outfit from Detroit, well known for their outstanding orange album (WIS-1002/RFR-002). The music on this release was recorded live prior to the album.

The opener is an instrumental-jam, followed by six diff. versions of original album tracks in very powerful style, mixed up with four freaked out intense cover tunes, Tobacco Road (6:46), Come Together (5:14), I´m a Man (7:08), * Black Sheep (4:17), all turned into typical Siva style with hard-driven pounding hypnotic Hammond B3, distorted excessively wailing fuzz / wah-wah guitarwork, powerful “Doors” influenced vocals and massive drums.

For all who missed their live shows - according to the band: "Those recordings are how we really sounded!" * Black Sheep is a bonustrack only for the CD (54 mins). The cover consists of lysergic paintings – presented in a thick triple-fold cardboard package. Be sure, this gem in stereo sound and remastered will blow your mind intensely and surprises all fans of their studio album.

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