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Trizo 50

Album: Trizo 50 (US 1973-74)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-1021
LP + 7"EP / Cat. No. RFR-021
LP (180 g vinyl / handmade heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve / booklet / ltd. edition)

TRIZO 50 (post - Phantasia) added one new member on keyboards, Bob DePugh, he´s the younger brother of drummer John DePugh. The band recorded more than 100 songs on a 4-track tape recorder during 1973-74. A cross-section was released on a Demo album (25 copies). The band introduction on this Demo album says: "Excuse the technical shortcomings. What we want you to notice are the songs, the sound, and the fact that we are exactly what the market is looking for and what the upcoming rock generation is looking for.." - Listening to that album you will agree.

The musical spectrum ranges from straight 2-minute psychedelic beat, garage, bubblegum tunes with harmony vocals, pounding organ, excessive fuzz and reminds of likes as Seeds, Stooges Yardbirds, goes over to distorted "Zapparesque" hardrock cuts into raga acid folk! The Trizo 50 music continues the outstanding, individual and very surprising songwriting of Phantasia. This release contains 22 original cuts - all songs have been carefully remastered and were taken from the original reel-to-reel tapes. Includes lots of interesting background information and is the first part of an extended biography to be continued with a second TRIZO 50 release. Look forward to enjoy songs as, "Naughty & Nice", "Lonely", "Day Dreamer", "Right or Wrong Babe,..."

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