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El Cuy

Album: El Cuy (PER 2007)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3003

EL Cuy is a "kick ass" power trio from Lima, Peru which seems to be one of the most intense Rock´n´Roll cities for heavy Underground Rock today. (they´re friends with La Ira De Dios, who brought the massive-Peru-Sound live to Europe in 2006!) The 10 songs on this album impressively reflect the dirty old school Sabbath/Zeppelin sound, truely organic HIGH OCTANE ROCK. Look forward to intense but melodic cuts like Animal which can be heard on Trip In Time Vol.2 (Psychedelic Rock Reflections), Iraqi, Juntos y Separados and El Vertigo will surely find you cranking the volume up.

All three musicians showcase a totally unique sound - Black Sabbath meets Cream & Ventures! Marcos Coifman (also in Reino Emirtano) plays a hard driving bass sound on a classic Rickenbacker like Lemmy in Motorhead and the guitars create a euphoric wall of sound with outstanding heavy psych licks and moody but also punk riffs. The energy of these dudes is absolutely overflowing! A very nice 16p. color-booklet rounds off this challenging artistic statement in being one of the heaviest modern Rock´n´Roll trios you can find!

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