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Album: No More Invention(FRA 2008)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3006 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3502 (gatefold cover)

Here is the self-confessed Slinger’s electric companion, a huge onset tour de force hailing from the realm of San Pedro (FR) and that should cause weird effects through Invention’s great (golden) Ass. First came Gunslingers, raising against the Big Bullshit, then came No More Invention, wearing a nine-acts sling of an hilarious outrage, introducing the ultimate assault of her illegitimate 3 sons, also known as massacre-rock deviant inquisitors_ a French deconstructionist trio who needed to abuse the artifacts of some Lost Rock Synthesis in one Total, furious & quintessential record, like an evil paradox of Rock.

Expect pure apotheosis of wild horror biker freakouts, acid avant-punk & trippy psych-noise with no respite from the Action breakneck speed : Gregory Raimo aka GR’s incriminating unspoken Yaya words and unparalleled orgiastic guitar savagery over control, spacey analog effects fulminations & feedbacks culminating with Matthieu Canaguier ‘s hypnotic & castrationist ritual Thunderbass, and Antoine Hadjioannou’s prophetic mad with scalp crashing down Drums-machete! _From the gigantic 13’ min. long blowing krauty prayer of Lighter Slinger Festival to the frightening embodiment of Nathaniel Hauthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil, this is some magnetizing unknown & sacred distillation !

"Loud & irreverent up to hilarity, and paradoxically, largely out of any category, this freakish explosive mixture, recorded in 2007 in three days, re-pioneers the hijacking of Rock landmarks. Probably based on Lady Hysteria’s (herself) voluntary uncontrolled intent, Gunslingers’ No More Invention spreads the enlightenment of catastrophic happenings and a non-sense of epic Blackout scenes into electric rounds fury _Be prepared for a constant state of shock!"
Album of the MONTH by Julian COPE (Head Heritage / Aug 2008).

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Album: Manifesto Zero(FRA 2010)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3009 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3504 (poster)

Who should have thought some incoming spawn would survive No More Invention (2008) ? — Yes Sirs, inside the Grand Procreator’s consumed ashes, still half lying half standing thus was some rebel mass endowed with the urge to appear in face of the fallen stuff. It would be chemically determined as a following sacrificial revenge after Invention got lost 2 years ago in a Rock located in San Pedro Ville, France. And then came rebellion appearing in its entire regained nudity, though it was given a load of Seltz water so it can endure its own terrifying blast power. Here it is — now Maniacs & Zealots, be afraid of intending to tickle the Beast from your players !

World In Sound presents Manifesto Zero, Gunslingers’ second atrocious little deformed baby, recorded on the infuriated November of 2009 while evil-red-eyed wolves were getting enraged in the frightened night. No doubt it has to be a relentless sonic testimony in the style of throwing Vitriol at the snobbish subculture's face and, Willy-nilly, you'll be given a proper naughty chase and a sixfold punishment always greedy of its prey from start to finish. Rhythmically Cyclopean _ as overexcited as starving due to the constant hammering of its ritualistic tempo & contra tempo gluttony _, its disturbing debauchery of lysergic & contemplative elements gives besides the whole savagery thing some multipleheaded Beast aspect by leading its own sound color touch (& its obvious axis of devastation) right into the alley of a space glider under over-saturated hypnosis ; and more generally, into variable expressions & exploration areas which stand between Underground Rock Music’ unclassified genres & subgenres.

Demented Guitar wall of acid riffs, pissed off takeoffs & instrumental smashs on bewitchment mode, harmonic death traps, pulsatory frenzy & insane grooves in the likes of a vicious contortionist highway, startling surrealistic vocals sealed to a psychotic Daedalusesque bass unfurling, and ultimately a scary statement of visceral power. The whole thing devoted to the cult of analog 4 track tape recording, the everlasting oily machine & Slingers dynamo. Manifesto Zero is nothing less than an authentic firebrand.Gunslingers (Massacre Rock Deviant Inquisitors) are : Gregory Raimo (GR): Guitar & Yaya Preach / Matthieu Canaguier: Thunderbass / Antoine Hadjioannou: Prophetic Drums

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