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Imaad Wasif

Album: Strange Hexes (USA 2016)
CD-Digipack / Cat. No. WIS-3029
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3527

Imaad Wasif´s second studioalbum "Strange Hexes", which came out as a self-release in 2008, belongs to the lost gems of contemporary Rock music. The fragile shamanic poet immediately captures the listener in an overwhelming atmosphear between sonic bliss and bone-breaking intensity. His guitar licks howl like Wolfs in the night, while his voice seems to cut through the air. This is true musician-mastership and yet a mystery why only so few initiates have heard of this great album. One thing World In Sound is clearly set to change with the final vinyl release and a new official CD-release, both including linernotes and rare photos. Absolute recommendation for fans of Dead Meadow, Espers and Black Mountain!

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