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Album: Sis Pus Sus (TUR 2015)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3025
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3524 // LP-Color (limited golden vinyl) / Cat. No. WIS-3524C

World In Sound´s first release from Turkey delivers pure and timeless oriental heavy psychedelic Prog Rock from Istanbul. Besides the usual instruments, they also use a Cello to create a truly unique and deep atmosphere, where the mystical vibe of "One Thousand and One Nights" meets Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Nine long epics reflect a wide and unpredictable, well-balanced spectrum of arrangements, rhythms, melodies, and climax. With no doubt these lads continue the great 1970s Turkish psychedelic rock tradition of Erkin Koray, Mogollar or Baris Manco. Watch out for this mindblowing space prog trip! This is music for the mind and body at highest level of creativity and proficiency.

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