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La Garúa

Album: Panza de Burro Thunder Blues (PER 2013)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3515 (insert + limited grey vinyl)

La Garúa is a Blues-based Heavy Rock band with serious Pysch influences and a vintage sound heavily infused with smoke, booze and decadence.Formed in Lima in 2010 by Marcos Coifman (Reino Ermitaño), Chino Burga (La Ira de Dios) and newcomer Alonso Guerrero at the drums, La Garúa drinks deep from the soul of it's grey city and pours it out in the way of classic 70's heavy blues rock, with a sound of its own that is also %100 South America. Sung in spanish, their first album "Panza de Burro Thunder Blues" is recommended for lovers of all things heavy and bluesy, trippy but raw. Spaceguitar flashbacks to the "Hacia El Sol Rojo" era by La Ira De Dios guranteed.

(This record is bad for your liver!)

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