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Album: Discovery Of Obskuria(GER 2008)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-2003 (digipack)
2-LP / Cat. No. WIS-008 (gatefold cover / poster)

Space has no limit! - OBSKURIA is hungry for the ultimate satisfaction and will hit you like an asteroid storm straight into the face. The international project started in 2006 with Tom Brehm, the legendary guitar player from the 60s US group Dragonwyck, super-talented German keyboadist Winnie Rimbach-Sator (Karmic Society/Treacle People) and La Ira De Dios from Peru. What you hear on this album is the essence of euphoria, freedom and creativity! Through the total running time of almost 80 mins, a wide spectrum of influences are covered from Pink Floyd´s Meddle, Ummagumma, Amon Düül 2, Ashra Temple, Hawkwind and Brainticket as well as transforming 80´s (Thrash)-Metal into a natural 70s rock sound.

This soundtrack concept album (for an upcoming movie) is best described as a Voodoo Space Rock experience which tells the "true" story of what will happen to the world on December 21st, 2012. Besides 6 original cuts, the album contains 4 cover tunes, such as "Die, Die my Darling" with male and female-Airplane-style vocals, a gigantic monumental 8 min. version of Metallica´s "For whom the Bell tolls" basically in Black Sabbath sound feat. an ultra-heavy and frightening Hammond Organ over burning 60s fuzz guitars - a total blast! They perform with intensity and flow that only the end-60s San Fransico Bands and the mid 80s speed/thrash/punk revolution generated.

The epic 19 minute track "Essence of its own" builds up from a moody space feeling to an unexpected ground breaking explosion of sound.On low volume it may feel like an easy listening album, turning it up it will blow mind! Very few modern rock albums have the potential to bring new listening dimensions to the true music addicts & maniacs - this one will do for sure - it´s pure Euphor-Rock-n-Roll!

The CD-version includes one bonustrack, not played by Obskuria: "The World Has Gone" is an original/authentic flashback by Peter Thomas, Germany´s mastermind for moviesounds from 40 years ago, but it shares Obskuria's vision and closes our soundtrack for “The Discovery of the planet Obskuria...”

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Album: Burning Sea Of Green(GER 2011)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-2004 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-012 (gatefold cover / poster / limited coloured vinyl)

Obskuria is hungry for ultimate satisfaction; feat. members of La Ira De Dios and Dragonwyck they´re best described as burning-heavy-psychedelic tone poetry, the roots of those “symphonic/orchestrated” poems go back to the early 19th century, when music was intended to inspire listeners and to consider images or moods, not to focus on following traditional patterns –free form improvisation! All 9 songs, except a Slayer cover of “Black Magic” (transformed into 60s garage-twist), were cut from instrumental one-take jams; no headphones and all performers incl. amps in one room … to feel the unfiltered natural vibes of the magical float, to get inspired in marching to the eternal outer-space-plateau as ONE unit… it´s the culmination of violent but also floating rocksound with truely authentic hard-driven 70s fuzz/space guitar overkills and spheric Hammond Organ layers.

Finally two fabulous guest singers (male/female) added super-catchy soulful, haunted and atmospheric vocals. The debut album “Discovery of Obskuria”, got lots fabulous and creative reviews in 2008 for their mostly excessive long instrumental space–kraut excursions - NOW the 5 Obskurians speeded-up most of their studio-performance with the focus to get more steady hypnotic song orientated (die)-hard-rock-tunes; which ended after cutting them into 3,5 to 5 min format, except the 13 min title track, a multi-climax, which epically expresses thee “farewell to the American dream … drifting in the burning sea of green”! Obskuria is inspired by 70s Krautrock, Black Sabbath, Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Brainticket, Joe Meek, Spaghetti Western and Slayer.

This second album by the intercontinental quintet (Peru, US & Germany) may be seen as a soundtrack-concept-album to express in each song a different scene with an “abundant” variety of raw energetic beauty plus revolutionary spirit. On low volume it feels like an easy listening album, turning it up … it could cause unexpected mind-expansions leading into addiction … not many “modern” rock albums have the potential to bring new outstanding listening dimensions to the true music maniacs and addicts …Obskuria does! “A new decade of purely emotional, euphoric rock`n`roll has begun to take you back to those days when music still was music!”


01. A-Bun-Dance 2:45
02. Somewhere 3:40
03. Why?! 5:19
04. Black Magic 3:16
05. Under The Gallows 4:02
06. Slow Stone 3:46
07. Memories of Mysteria 5:19
08. Screaming Like a Whirlwind 4:57
09. Burning Sea of Green 12:42

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