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Orcus Chylde

Album: Orcus Chylde (GER 2012)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3014 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3509 (gatefold cover / poster + limited coloured vinyl)

The German sextet stamps an exclamation point with their debut album and its multifaceted, intelligent melodic compositions. Within their strong, epic, and dark music they combine hypnotic guitar riffs, driving euphoric solos, and spherical, vintage Hammond organ sounds with very distinct and melancholic vocals. The entire sound is supplemented by a massive, punchy rhythm duo. Their musical roots lie clearly in the psychedelic and progressive heavy rock (Krautrock) of the glorious 70's, and they will convince the listener with their originality, genuineness, and obvious passion for playing. It's a damn fresh and intense album, which will make every music lover listen attentively.


1. The Day The 7th Angel Came (6:16)
2. Valley Of Thornes (7:00)
3. Orcus Chylde (6:30)
4. As Time Will Bury Us All (5:04)
5. Over The Frozen Rivers (8:29)
6. U Ime / In The Name Of (1:41)
7. Quiet Walls (7:14)
8. Cold Man (6:22)

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