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Samsara Blues Experiment

Album: Long Distance Trip (GER 2010)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3010 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3505 (+ limited coloured vinyl)

This is the first full-length album of the Berlin-based heavy-psych quartet Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE). Founded in Summer 2007 by leadguitarist/singer Christian Peters (ex-Terraplane) the band existed for barely more than one year, when they recorded “Long Distance Trip”. Their demos are already rated as some of the best underground stuff from the past years. From the completion of their recent line-up in October 2008 they have been touring large parts of Europe as well as the US-Westcoast and have naturally conquered a remarkable international fanbase on their way to establish as a truly authentic and stunning Heavy-Rock act.

With a supernatural and organic flow they create an individual spirit, at first glance it does not appear as anything new, it´s that rather oldfashioned kind of Heavy Psychedelic Rock – BUT you´ll be blasted by the full load of passion and the warm and epic atmosphere which fills every song, even it´s 3 or 30 minutes, SBE lives what you hear&feel; and they won´t step back for one single note, until each one of their listeners will breath their groove and after the final 22-minute ride of “Double Freedom”, will just gasp for MORE!

A deeper listening will soon reveal the depths that linger within their mystic fusion of intense 70s feeling, spaced-out Rock, extended Blues Guitar and Oriental Folklore. The debut, aptly titled as a “Long Distance Trip” presents the band from its various shades, often long-terms jamming but well concepted and never losing their point. See this album as an invitation to let your thoughts flow and explore the depths of your inner self. Are you ready to take the trip, then crank it up all the way - SBE takes you back to those times, when music still was music!

1. Singata Mystic Queen (11:36)
2. Army Of Ignorance (4:35)
3. For The Lost Souls (9:57)
4. Wheel Of Life (4:27)
5. Double Freedom (22:44)

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Album: Revelation & Mystery (GER 2012)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3012 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3507 (gatefold cover / poster + limited coloured vinyl)

Fulminant, diverse and truly massive is the performance of the Berlin heavy-psychedelic quartet Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE) on their second album “Revelation & Mystery”. The successor of their cult debut album “Long Distance Trip” (WIS-3010) was kept more compact and tightly arranged without having lost the bands enthusiasm, originality and passion for each note.On their quest for perfection SBE created a guitar-driven masterpiece, containing 7 songs in 47 minutes with no weak moments.

The spectrum of this musical journey ranges from grim 70s to early 80s Heavy / Space Metal roots to Classic Rock with flashes of Progressive Blues and the spherical sitar sounds of the 12 minute final blast and title track that will make you float to a blissful nirvana! The album was decorated with great artwork by the exceptional Russian artist Oleg Korolev and will blow your mind with its fat analogue sound and, most of all, a timeless, epic and hefty dose of energy that leaves no questions unanswered!

Not an insider tip anymore, this is a MUST-HAVE for all heavy and psychedelic maniacs! "Again SBE takes you back to those times, when music still was music!”


1. Flipside Apocalypse (6:10)
2. Hangin´ on the Wire (5:33)
3. Into the Black (6:50)
4. Thirsty Moon (5:41)
5. Outside Insight Blues (8:17)
6. Zwei Schatten im Schatten (2:12)
7. Revelation & Mystery (12:19)

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Album: USA-EP (GER 2009)
CD / Cat. No. EMCD-01

This is the remastered limited 500-copies re-edition of Samsara´s first cult release, a four track EP with a running time of 33 mins. It was produced in 2009 and brought the band to their legendary US Westcoast tour with a performance at SFs Winterland. The music is way more rural 60s acid-jam psychedelia than their 2 official albums “Long Distance Trip” and the brand new “Revelation and Mystery”, which rocks much straighter, heavier and more compact. You hear a strong Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” vibe with tons of echo and space effects plus extended sitar excursions a la Ananda Shankar. For all those who love the original Samsara roots-float, it will be a delight to enjoy alternative/demo versions of the band´s cult song “”Double Freedom” or Singata. Great sound and a unique great performance!

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Album: Center Of The Sun / Midnight Boogie 12 inch Maxi-LP (GER 2012)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3012

Samsara Blues Experiment´s debutalbum “Long Distance Trip” was released in 2010 and left a loud bang in the Heavy Psychedelic scene. More than most recent groups the band soon became a unique brand and their debut a classic for many music lovers. Until now record collectors didn´t get the pleasure to set their turntables on fire with the 13 minute epic “Center of the Sun”, while it was already part of the regular CD-album but simply didn´t fit on the vinyl format. The B-Side of this new 12 inch collectible awaits with a recently recorded, massive 11 minute improvisation of 1970s UFO-classic "Boogie"; where the beginning reminds of the original, but after a third will switch over to the Samsara-typical guitarfreakout. SBE takes you back to those times, when music still was music! (Ltd. 1000 copies)

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Album: Live At Rockpalast (GER 2013)
CD / Cat. No. EMCD-03

This strictly limited CD edition of 500 copies is Samsara Blues Experiment´s first official statement, which presents their primal form of expression: “The live experience”! Despite the band became more and more phenomenon of the Heavy Rock Underground in the recent years, it seemed appropriate while at the same time a bit awkward to play at the WDR Rockpalast Crossroads Festival in October 2012. WDR Rockpalast is a music show on German public TV with the mission to feature authentic artists; their grand history started back then in the glorious 70s; they presented artists like Rory Gallagher, Robin Trower or UFO to name a few and broadcasted their live performances as high-quality TV/Audio productions.

Now this stage called for the four 70s Acid (Blues&Space) Rockers of SBE, to enter it and to set it on fire, which truly happened. The feedback of the rather uncommon audience (mostly "traditional" Rock & Blues listeners), switched from being reserved to becoming more and more euphoric after the first strikes of the band´s 75 minute-attack, which included most of the now classic tracks from "Long Distance Trip" like "Singata Mystic Queen", "For The Lost Souls" and exceptional renderings of "Center Of The Sun" and Double Freedom" mixed with fewer songs from the second album "Revelation & Mystery". SBE is proud to release this intense, professionally recorded live-experience to our “die-hard-fans” to say, thanks for all support we got from you. The release will come only on this limited edition of 500 CDs including a new acoustic version of "Singata Mystic Queen".

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Album: Waiting For The Flood (GER 2013)
CD / Cat. No. EMCD-06 (digipack)
LP / Cat. No. EMLP-05 (gatefold cover / limited coloured vinyl)

Four tracks and almost 50-minutes long Waiting For The Flood easily exceeds expectations. The third outing by German psych rockers Samsara Blues Experiment is their most balanced and harmoniously driven yet. 18-months in the making and averaging 10-minutes per tack, the record combines the best of the group’s two previous studio albums while drifting further into mid-‘70s prog rock. As seasoned professionals, Christian Peters (guitar/vocals), Hans Eiselt (guitar), Richard Behrens (bass) and Thomas Vedder (drums) have fused together their individual talents to create something truly majestic.

Elements of British acts Man, Khan and Camel can be heard in the creative expanse of the individual songs while the occasional southern-style heavy rock of Corrosion of Conformity or Floodgate rattles the cage. On the edge of a musical frontier, Samsara Blues Experiment transcend the tag of Stoner, Psychedelic or Progressive rock. With a fresh innovative style they have amassed a passionate, visceral approach to modern jamming while pulling together cosmic elements that harness pure, metaphysical energy. They stand alone as genuine innovators of an undefined style in a class of their own. This is what makes them so special.

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Album: Demos & Rarities (GER 2022)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-3035 (digipack)

This is the ultimate collection of Samsara Blues Experiment's roots: 10 tracks, almost 70 mins running time, mostly unreleased and unique material! When his band Terraplane ("Into The Unknown") broke up in 2007, Chris Peters headed off to Berlin where the seeds of Samsara grew constantly until their debut "Long Distance Trip" came out in 2010. The material on this new CD has been recorded between 2007 and 2009 and consists of jams, demos and live recordings. It reflects an open spectrum of space-out Psychedelic Krautrock in its many hypnotic variations including plenty of oriental flashes on Sitar. SBE Demos & Rarities" is intense and pure with a solid sound quality. Only four tracks have already been released on Peters´ Electric Magic-label as a limited edition on EMCD-01 "USA Tour EP", while most others were not released before.

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