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Album: Lost In Time(SPA 2017)
LP / Cat. No. WIS-3531 (+ limited multicolored vinyl)

Saturna is the second spanish World In Sound group besides the guitar wizards in Prisma Circus. At first glance, Saturnas third full-length album bursts with the ideals of 1970s Hard Rock legends like Buffalo, Bloodrock and Led Zep but additionally they created an excessive, fresh and fiery feeling. They are not locked into the pure cage of only these early 70s hard rock-idioms, as rather they manage to incorporate all the great spirits of the following decades in rock music. You mind will be blown by Saturna's catchiness and their remarkable old-school Hard Rock vocals. Bluesy guitar solos and a very well-adjusted rhythm section round this album off as one one of the finest examples in contemporary Heavy Rock. And, beware, they are higly addictive!

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