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V.A. - Trip In Time

Compilation: V.A. - Trip In Time Vol.01 ...Delighted by Psychedelic Rock...(1968-2006)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-2501

Music for the Mind and Body.... – while music industry continuously looks for 'new' concepts, trends and music styles to serve the mainstream, Trip in Time ventures look to the past. We present the artistic, emotional and intensive side of music, the concept of progressive psychedelic rock. It appeared in the public consciousness for the first time in 1966, created by the „13th Floor Elevators“. By 1956 the English psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond had already formulated: „To fathom hell or soar angelic just take a pinch of psychedelic.“ – 50 years later, we invite you to join the bride uncensored spectrum of music with a fine feel for intensity and a variety of interesting influences.

On Trip In Time events, www.tripintime.de , we build an audio-visual bridge from 1969 to today, creating by a sensitive choice of artists, an electrifying, mesmerizing ambience. - TRIP IN TIME, a sub-label of WORLD IN SOUND (Germany) presents their first CD-issue, an 11-track compilation (73 mins), 12p. colour booklet, containing some of the hottest acts from the international Rock Underground. It features, well remastered, fresh live-recordings as well as non-album tracks and other exclusive material.

01. Siena Root – Mountain II (6:08)
02. Vibravoid – Mother Sky (4:09, originally by Can)
03. Stoned Circus – Feel (2:51, reunion live-show 2005)
04. La Ira de Dios – Eterna Ascención (6:48, unreleased outakes from Hacia El Sol Rojo recordings)
05. Treacle People – Atom Heart Mother (15:20, live recorded 2005, based on Pink Floyd´s live version without orchestra)
06. Loxley Beade – Fatty Morgana I + II (6:47)
07. Fantasyy Factoryy – Love in the 21st Century (3:57)
08. i-H8 Camera - Jeroen's Song (10:49, project by Craig Ward, Ex-Deus, recorded live 2006)
09. Dragonwyck – Anything I’d give (3:14)
10. Ma-Nia – Beautiful City (3:10, recorded live 2006)
11. Karmic Society – Dark Star Jam (10:08, feat. Dragonwyck´s guitarist, T. Brehm, live 2006).

All artists on this record convinced Trip in Time by their timeless character, their creative and musical potential..... Music for the Mind and body! - Take a seat and get ready for the countdown to a new dimension of perception...the Trip in Time has just begun!

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Compilation: V.A. TRIP IN TIME VOL. 02 - Psychedelic Rock Reflections(INT 2006-07)
2-CD / Cat. No. WIS-2502

Trip in Time presents the artistic, emotional and intense side of music and revives an almost forgotten genre: Psychedelic Rock! - A fusion of Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Soul and Classical music to a powerful unit. This Compilation features only unreleased music from the years 2006/2007, with the influences of the psychedelic music revolution from the Summer of Love, 1967. Our focus is to present and to discover young artists, whose passionate celebration of music has the potential to convince the new generation of psychedelic freaks.

DISC A (62 mins) contains 13 international and ambitious newcomer groups ranging from progressive space sound, high Speed Rock´n´Roll, Syd Barrett and Love acid-folk style to heavy garage/surf psychedelia. Also included are live recordings from Trip In Time events (La Ira De Dios, Treacle People). You probably haven´t heard about most groups.

01 Obskuria – Die Die my Darling (instrumental) 4:18
02 Crystal Caravan – Dead Inside 4:23
03 El Cuy – Animal 3:03
04 Les Trees – Midnight Gardener 4:51
05 In The Company Of Wolves – I Don't Know Anything 4:06
06 To Get Her Together – Jovial Tree 2:46
07 The Magnificent Brotherhood – Old Tattoo 2:35
08 The Shivas – Love 4:50
09 The Illiad – Are You a Librarian? 2:33
10 Jayahdeva – Ordinary Eye of Conciousness 9:00
11 Treacle People – Fall Down (live) 6:02
12 Serpentina Satelite – Nothing to Say 7:04
13 La Ira De Dios – Nave Fenix (live) 6:49

DISC B (73 mins) contains 5 extended instrumentals, ranging from true 70s experimental Krautrock style to a floating “Brainticket” atmosphere. The opener is a 24 min. “tune” an exclusive Trip In Time live recording of Embryo (meets Karmic Society).

01 Embryo meets Karmic Society – Free Flow'in Jam (live) 24:37
02 Karmic Society – Improvability Drive (live) 7:17
03 Oozing Goo – Blueberry Foam 12:37
04 The Invisibles – Telescope 5:31
05 Drahk Von Trip – Kortenette (live) 21:20

This 2 CD set combines two variations of psychedelic rock, the tightly arranged song format on Disc A, and wild atmospheric improvisations on Disc B.

A 12 page booklet presents each contributing group, all songs are remastered to a high class sound. This cd is a challenge for all music listeners who search for an innovative sound and intensity, maybe we see a few of these folks on the big stages to start the psychedelic revolution soon!

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V.A. TRIP IN TIME Vol. 03 - Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth (INT 2007-08)
CD / Cat. No. WIS-2503

This is the 3rd Chapter of the Trip In Time Psychedelic Series, and at least as interesting as the previous ones, only unreleased material! - It presents 18 of the recent Top-Hard-Psych-Garage-Kraut-Underground Bands (several from Scandinavia and Germany, but also from Spain, France, US, Peru), listening to this Compilation you will NOT believe that all songs are contemporary recordings (most are very well produced but reflect a very intense RETRO-SPIRIT - nearly unbelievable). The music itself ranges from hard&heavy "Doors" Sound, Pink Floyd style, Blues Hard Rock a la Mountain, true 60s Garage Beat but also early Amon Düül 2 or Brainticket flashes. A running time of 78 mins + a 12p booklet will guide the way to the music of TOMORROW.

01 Electric Mystical Soul Vibration - Bohemian Dropout
02 The People - Real Love
03 Ginger - Now I See
04 Jenda Wight - Unstable Mind (Trip in Time Edit)
05 Jarvis Jay - You're Gone
06 Fuzz Manta - Mysterious Thoughts
07 Mother and Sun - Lasting The Circle
08 Psychoine - Serpenteando
09 The Magnificent Brotherhood - My Flash On You
10 Crystal Caravan - A New Time Is Coming
11 Living Room - Times Like Lakes
12 The Flying Eyes - Lay With Me
13 Black Box Massacre - Djingis Kong
14 Serpentina Satelite – Madripoor
15 Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Celestial Dream
16 Space Debris - Medicine Man
17 Fantasyy Factoryy - Summer Days
18 Zaphire Oktaloque - Green Grass And The Black Clouds

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