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Blind Illusion

Album: The Sane Asylum + bonus (USA 1988)

CD / Cat. No. WIS-3028 (digipack, 12 p. booklet)
LP + 7" / Cat. No. WIS-3526 (+ bonus 7", poster)
LP-C + 7" / Cat. No. WISC-3526 (ltd. golden vinyl + bonus 7", poster)

Blind Illusion is one of the most extravagant US-Metal Bands from the 1980s."The Sane Asylum" is their only release and also the albumdebut of Les Claypool (Primus). The guitarists Larry Lalonde (Possessed, Primus) and bandleader Mark Biedermann (Blue Oyster Cult "Imaginos") wrote sensational arrangements and created a many faceted style of thrash metal with zappaesque 70s hardrock elements. The remastered World In Sound version comes with linernotes by M. Biederman, unseen photos plus previoulsy unreleased bonustracks taken from the 1985 "Trilogy of Terror" demo, which was produced by Kirk Hammett. Undoubtedly, "The Sane Asylum" is in a similar vein as Metallica's or Testament's early works!

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